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Playing the waiting game.

Things at my house are still ok, but we, like everyone else around here, are waiting. Waiting for word on the missing list. Waiting for word on the official list of deceased. Waiting for power, water, utilities to be on and be safe. Waiting for what will be functional to function. Waiting for information. Waiting for things to be better.

Waiting to not want to cry and be upset and anxious several times a day. It's all part of what happens after a disaster, but almost all of it is misery and pain.

For those of us who aren't immediately affected by this, we are still affected by this. This is a very, very small and interconnected place. Three places I worked over the years were destroyed by the fire. That is still not really registering in my head. People we know, friends, are either missing or confirmed dead. That is the worst part of this.

In the meantime, I have started a new project to try and help a little. Details to follow, but here's a preview of that work. Be well, stay safe and a hui ho.


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