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2022 was bumpy. Here's the good parts.

The world went sideways in 2020, and the last couple years have been "interesting." 2022 was uneven, some parts were very good, some were just a pain, and some were difficult and complicated. But here's some of the good stuff.

I taught on the mainland, including Stitches Knitting Convention in Sacramento. That meant a lot, I've been attending their events for many years.

"Waiting His Turn", a hand knit portrait of Paul, was on display in two juried shows. This is from the Schaefer Portrait Challenge at Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

My cousin and his family came to Hawaii for the first time ever. It was very cool to finally get them here.

Paul and I went to the mainland for some fun. We had dim sum. A couple times. Just because. Dim sum.

There was knitting. These are two new hat designs, which are making me happy.

Glad to see the end of 2022. Hoping 2023 behaves itself.


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