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Maui is a mess. We are ok.

Things are surreal here. The island of Maui, which is about 700 and some odd square miles, has had multiple wildfires in the last week. Central Maui where I live is ok, my house is fine, my family is all safe. But. Many parts of the island are damaged, the worst being Lahaina. If you've seen the pictures, I don't need to explain. If you haven't seen the pictures, just know it is several square miles of ash and rubble. There are thousand of homes, businesses, and buildings destroyed. There are many missing people, and the death toll is rising.

Lots of help is coming, lots of help is here. This is going to go on for a long, long time.

For those who know my work, I am part of Lahaina Arts Society, and sell through LAS's gallery and art fairs. The gallery is destroyed by the fire, and the art fairs are on pause for now. The Lahaina Cannery Mall is standing, and at some point we will re-start that.

To balance the videos of destruction, I'm attaching a video I shot this morning when I went swimming in Kahului, and took the dog. Mahalo for looking!



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