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Lisa Louie is a long time Maui resident and even longer knitter. What began as a way to relax in college, turned into a passion. Lisa’s work has been exhibited around the country.  Her wearable art and fiber sculptural pieces have been juried in major shows and are available in shops on the Mainland and in Hawaii.  Following a trip to the Volcano National Park on Hawaii Island in 2006, Lisa was inspired by the mana (divine power) and beauty of the volcanoes.  This trip was the catalyst for Pele’s Gift: Creation and Transformation,” a cape emulating the brilliant colors and movement of lava that took 9 years to complete.

“I had to determine how to capture the essence of one of Nature’s most powerful elements, and then figure out how to create this through knitting. Essentially, I began with selecting yarn that would feature the fluidity of lava, and then teach myself how to knit this. Once I was happy with the knit pieces, I had to create the cape so it was wearable.”

“I am able to stretch my creativity and resourcefulness in a location where supplies are very limited.  This has been a blessing in disguise, and has led me to experimenting with things such as volcanoes, waterfalls, and Diamond Head as wearable art, free standing pieces and wall hangings! Thinking ‘outside the box’ has challenged me to realize there really is no box.”

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