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There's no yarn in the cup holder.

So we did something unexpected a couple weeks ago. Bought a new car on about 6 hours notice. Not just a new-to-us car, a brand new car.

I've been driving a 2003 Honda since 2005. It's got about 65,000 original miles on it -yes, I do live on a small island- and it is starting to get.....tired. It is also not the best car for loading with a tent, two folding tables, merchandise, display pieces and assorted other things when I am doing an art show.

A couple Saturdays ago, I am working at an art fair in my booth, and my phone rings. He says something like "If we're going to do this, we've got to do this today." I said "Huh?"

Turns out, he had to go to work at the local Chevy dealer that morning unexpectedly, and walked past a car that had just been marked down. He also knew that there was a substantial tax credit on electric cars that expired the next day. And there was an incentive from General Motors on the car also. That incentive and the tax credit both totaled over $13,000. And both expired the next day.

He did the math, called the tax guy to confirm the details, then called me. So I loaded up my tent, my tables, my merchandise, display pieces and assorted other things and left the art fair a little early.

So I drove home, loaded up my 'ohana and went to look at the car. Drove it for 8 miles, went back to the dealership, and signed the papers.

I am now the surprised and delighted owner of a 2018 Chevy Volt.

I paid about $1,000 more for it brand new than I paid for the Honda I bought used almost 15 years ago. It is electric and, even with as few miles as I generally drive, will save us about $1,000 a year in fuel costs.

Last weekend I loaded up my new car for an art show. It is much easier to load with the hatchback than the 4 door Honda. It also has more available space, so I can move without knocking something over when I get in. So I loaded in the tent, two folding tables, merchandise, display pieces and assorted other things including my lunch and my water. I got ready for the drive to Lahaina and realized I could put my water bottle right next to me in the car and have it handy during the drive. Both cars have cupholders. But.

There's no yarn in the cupholder.


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